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My goal in life is to help you live your life with more purpose,joy and creativity.

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Why does Innerbody Wisdom work for so many people?  Because it helps you access the deep and powerful core of your being where we all share insights and understanding about how to live our lives and solve our problems. That core of our being is a shared territory where we gain profound insights into our lives and those of others. Master these and your relationship to yourself and others will improve beyond recognition.

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Everything I teach is simple, accessible and understandable.

What you will learn will show you that you already have these potent tools for living within you.  You just need to spend a little time discovering the gifts you possess.

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“Frances has such great compassion, generosity and humour in her work!  I am personally very grateful for her insight and advice which have supported me through dark and difficult times. Frances has the rare gift of being totally and unconditionally engaged and this in itself has a huge power of healing.”

Anna Zubrzycki, Actress, Poland

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