Creating energy when you need it!

Wanting a simple way to activate your energy system?  Needing a boost for an important task and just can’t be bothered?  there are lots of simple ways to raise your energy when you notice it’s down in your boots.  Take a deep breath and raise your shoulders when you do so – this fills the upper part of the lungs with new air and the air sacs really like that.  Stand up and shake your hands above your head. ( Watch out for the light fitments if you are tall like me.)  Make sure you do this with floppy wrists and breathe out loudly.  That gets rid of the stale air.  Then repeat to yourself: ‘This is important.  I really want the energy to complete this task.  The sooner I do it the sooner I can relax.’

Have fun and enjoy and remember your body loves you so love it back by giving it the chance to energise.