I’d change if I could!

What do you do when you want to change something in your life?  Make a promise, think about it alot, tell a friend, write down your ideas?  All good things in their way but they all rely on will power, that piece of elastic in the  mind that will only stretch so far.  How about your start by going inside yourself?  A deep breath, close the eyes and place a hand on your heart.  Don’t think for a moment or two.  Notice how you feel right now.  Because this is the magic bit – once you are in touch with your heart things will begin to change anyway.  Then take another breath, do it now!  Pause while you are reading this.  Then quietly ask yourself (your Higher Self – the One you really are!) to be with you on your journey to change your life.  Your relationship with this Presence or Being is the only one that matters and from that sense of the otherness of your being will come many important changes.  Now go out and do all those other things as well, if you feel too!  Need some help with it all?  Email me now for a session on Skype.  Full details on my website