Set a date,do it!

Don’t ever think there is something you can’t attempt in your life – use the power of your intention and get the help you need to succeed.

Take three steps to getting your energy ready to act:

  • Write a list of the pro’s and cons – be clear about your target
  • Discuss your intentions with someone you trust
  • Set a day to begin and write down three things you will do

There now, that feels better already, doesn’t it?  You see it doesn’t much matter what it is you are proposing to do.  Big or small, important to only you or world shattering, you can engage and reinvigorate your passion for life by setting a goal beyond where your mind thinks you can go.

As you proceed the goal may change.  You may decide to target just one aspect of your vision.  The important word here is Vision.  We all have tasks we need to complete day by day or year by year, but I believe everyone needs a vision for their soul to thrive and for growth and wisdom to be possible.  Failure is just another word.  Just say to all those past experiences that didn’t work out ‘Heck that was another potato in my life from which I learnt’.

More important always, is what you intend now, in this moment, this only moment that you can trust and will be the gateway to your fulfillment and your creative visions.  Yes, there will be a lot of steps to take.  But do not fear them.  When you are connected to the creative power of your Vision then energy and opportunity arise in the same measure as your intentions.





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