Get Back on Your Horse!

The old saying holds good today, long after I fell off numerous hairy ponies and cried that I was hurt.  It holds good for the funk the fear and the failure that we all experience from time to time.

Whatever it is you are not doing, the ‘put it off stuff’, the ‘I don’t think the time is quite right’ stuff – get back on that horse and start it now.  Or tomorrow.  Or in a clearly defined time period that you commit to now.

You see that special energy you need to do it, that wonderful inspired you who can get it all done in a trice, that part of you is waiting for you to get back to it.  It is not lost – you are!  By turning up at the challenge, the project, the book, the class, you are redefining your creative territory.  You are claiming the energy you are going to need.  You are saying to your inspired self – Here I come!

I never completed a book, project, class or painting yet that I didn’t leave half done, half remembered and forsaken.  But I never forgot the advice I got so young in my life.


Just get back on your horse!