Self Love Skills

Just ask the question that really matters right now:

‘How do I feel right now?’ – it’s the one that opens the door to your inner world.  It’s the question most of us forget to ask on a regular basis or when life gets tough, people aren’t being cooperative, you wish you could go home and you want to scream but it is not the best time to do so.

So often we hear we must learn to love ourselves and all will be well.  But hang on, just what strategies can I use?  If you are lucky you get two parents and one of them just might be able to pass this stuff on to you.  For the rest of us it is discovery and reinvention, practice and experimentation that get us there.

Do you know the single biggest factor in failure to learn these self-love skills?  Of course you do.  Resistance to change.  Don’t make the mistake of calling it laziness.  I often say I never met a lazy person in my life.  I met lots of people who were scared and blocked and didn’t know how to change.  That’s different.  But you and I?  We can change when get to the point we can’t or won’t go on as we were.

Take a tip from me and decide to change.  Just mutter it to yourself.  ‘I am willing to change.’  Say it several times a day.  Then watch  out for a strange and interesting sequence of events that will arise to show you how.  The help is always there but the first step is often to turn inwards and ask yourself how you really feel.

‘How do I feel right now?  What 3 simple things can I do to feel better?’

Make a phone call to a friend/Take a bath or shower/ Do a few stretches and breathe deeply.  Now add in your suggestions and the next time you feel bad about yourself and the world around you look at your list.  The answer is always there somewhere.


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