I love Herons!

They are my ‘bird of Omen’ -the sight of which reassures me that whatever is happening in my life I can handle it. I once lived in a converted grain drying barn next to a heronry. I knew the sound of herons.  I felt the power of spread wings in the early dawn.  I sat with their energy and felt their power and patience.

Whenever life presents me with a problem now I look for signs, I search for symbols, I breathe myself back into the interior of my being and sit in silence. The answer is there, in that otherness that seems so lost to our world these days.  You will know when you meet people who visit their inner world.  They have mystery and poise about them.  They hold the energy of otherness in laughter and kindness.

My bird of omen is a heron.  Whatever is happening it tells me, you can handle it.  Remember, the outer world is only one small part of the being that we truly are.