What fear tells me

Fear tells me to hoard, to survive by scraping along. If fear is holding you back in your business so you are not getting the rewards you deserve do this –

Breathe into the pit of your stomach or wherever else you feel the fear.  Put your hand on that place of fear and say ‘I hear you’.

Do this three times a day till the fear feeling shifts and you notice you feel more accepting around your fear of survival.

What cures this?  Trust and giving your full attention to the feeling several times a day.  All the affirmations in the world won’t work unless you are are deeply in touch with your feelings, but use them anyway.

‘I give money and wealth my full attention.’

‘I trust in the Higher Power (insert words of choice here).  It is safe now for me to prosper.’

‘I am fully committed to my path in business and my financial needs are fulfilled.’