Presence is the Power of your Being

When I talk about experiencing Presence people either smile and nod in recognition or ask me what I mean.  Presence is the active awareness of a profound connection to the higher power within us.  It is the profound expression of our inner wisdom. And in all the years of teaching Innerbody Wisdom I have found that each of us experience Presence differently. 

We might experience Presence differently but we recognise it in another person.  Why should you be interested in Presence? What value might it have in your day to day life?  How can you have the experience of Presence?  

Now presence is always there with us. It is the foundation for all life and it manifests as the world we see around us. I am talking about conscious presence.  We are each given the opportunity to experience this divine energy in our lives but sometimes we don’t even recognise it for what it is.

Conscious Awareness of Presence creates an energy field around us that attracts and supports our growth and creativity and that of others we meet.  It has the deep silent power to transform our Karma.  It is the source of understanding and right action is difficult situations.

I believe we can all experience and benefit from Conscious Presence in our lives. If you already have you will be nodding your heads in agreement.  If not, watch out for my series of posts on how to experience Conscious Presence in your life.

Frances Lockstone is the author of Innerbody Wisdom –  finding your power and Presence