When do you cry?

There is a lovely story that my ancestors told to me. They said ‘Every time a human cries real tears they heal the human race.  That is why human life is painful for so many.  But it needn’t always be like this. There is another way.’ Anxious to avoid any more emotional pain in my life I asked them to tell me more. ‘The next step in human evolution requires us to feel more deeply, each and everyone of us, so that we can release the hidden pain of human kind in every moment.’

I understood then that we all cut off, hide, defend and run away from our deeply felt selves.  There is a doorway. We fear to enter. Experience causes anxiety.  The doorway takes us beyond repeated pain and into profound awareness of Self.  But the courage to overcome generations of habit and fear can only be found in those who have already suffered.

Inside the door way shines a light so bright it blinds our earthly eyes. Wonderfully it also opens the inner eye of wisdom and we see beyond the pain of human kind.  Profound awareness is the gift of passing through this doorway and it is the next step for all of us.