The Healing Force of Meditation

Can you experience the  power of the healing force?  Can  you invoke and share it to benefit others? Yes, you can. By the power of your word and the depth of your intention your wishes will manifest.  Can we do this from the busy mind, the daily mind, the mind clouded by everyday worries? No, not in my experience.

 Meditation is the entering into the space of healing voluntarily.

So close your eyes.  Breathe calm and steady.  Focus your inner eye on the space between your eyebrows and wait on the will of heaven.  Make an appointment with your healing angels every day and honour it, just as you would an important business appointment.  The real business of life is this.  Everything else is the passing of time.  When you enter the zone of healing time stops.  That is one of the ways you will know it.  There are other signs.  I will leave you  to discover them. The healing energy is in this post.  If you have read this far then you are already in the zone.  Welcome back.