The Habit of Struggle

Have you ever thought that you have a hidden pattern within you, unknown to you, that prevents you from the success and recognition and creative inspiration that you yearn for?

When we try to do things for years on end and keep finding ourselves stuck or unhappy or unable to resolve our relationship problems, it can be down to deep habit, buried in our past, stuck in our psyches.

In fact, I am going to be so bold as to say you wouldn’t be reading this now if it were not true for you to some degree.  Years of teaching  my students how to profoundly relax so that their buried habits could arise and be resolved has convinced me that we all suffer some degree of hidden struggle.

Sit quietly and let your body get heavy on the chair.  Rest your hands in your lap and breathe a quiet breath into your head and neck.  Imagine softening your body by breathing into it.  Let the weight of your body be your main focus.  Watch your muscles gently relax and let go.  Know that deep attention into your body gives it permission to let go of long held tension.  Do this several times a day.  Know that this profound level of relaxation releases inner struggle.  Put a comment on this thread to let me know how if this has made a difference for you.

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