Are you a spiritual teacher?

Yes.  I can tell you now that you definately are.

 Whether or not you are conscious of it is another matter.  Everyday life proves to us that each and every one of us is a teacher.  We learn from each other every day. IBW bookcover Amazon We go to school, college, take a job, learn from our friends and family and so on.

So what makes us spiritual teachers and why?

Beyond the everyday perception of the world as we know it lies the hidden wisdom beyond knowing.  You will have experienced it for sure.  I never met anyone who had not experienced a moment of insight or ‘knowing’ beyond the rational mind.  Whatever your explanation for that knowing beyond mind, it is a signpost that you are able to reclaim that hidden world while remaining firmly in this reality.

To become aware of  and to share your inner wisdom from this hidden world beyond knowing is to be a spiritual teacher.  

You may not choose to call yourself that.  There are many wise men and women in the world who live from the core of their beings without needing to call themselves a spiritual teacher.

So why is it important to recognise the spiritual teacher within each and everyone of us?

Because being able to reconnect to our profound inner wisdom is one of the ways we can bring about change and peace in our world today.  No one can dispute that these are troubled times on earth.  That profound inner wisdom exists within all beings on this earth.  Reconnecting ourselves and others to the spiritual resources within us is one way we can bring about the changes in evolution that our future depends on.

 By recognising yourself and others as spiritual beings and teachers you profoundly change the consciousness of  human beings.


Will I forget my true nature?  Of course, I am only human.  Will awareness return?  Certainly.  Is it a joy to be consciously aware?  Absolutely. Will my awareness of that other realm of being help others?  Yes, that is my experience. It also changes the outcome of our past actions and creates a powerful presence that others may find very helpful.  In other words,just by being you and being present you are a gift to the world and I salute you. If you are inspired to write books, run workshops, give talks and blog on the topic, well that is also very helpful to others like myself.

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