Can you do ‘Happy’?

Yes, you most certainly can but it may take a while to realise how.  Would you like a shot at it right now?  Why not, after all now is all you ever have.  Here is  my pathway to happy (please like,comment and share if this was helpful to you. thank you.)

H – breathe and say  ‘I am here for myself’

 A – ask myself how I feel and take a moment to breathe into my body

P – say  ‘I have the power to change my thoughts’  (say it three times and smile)

P – know the past is over and agree to let that be so

Y – yield to the moment, do not fight it, rest in the calmness of now

Use this happy poem to reclaim your balance every day.

Now notice if you feel ‘happy’ (it has a thousand meanings so go with what comes up).