Why can’t I be wise?

Wisdom just lies there quietly waiting to be rediscovered.

 It exists in all of us.  So how can we encourage ourselves to act more wisely?Why do I act the way I do when I know better? You know how to act with more love and kindness in your life.  You know you can be wise because it happened before.  It just isn’t happening now.  Where has that wisdom gone?

Take a deep breath because you are going to need it.

  • Focus on your solar plexus and feel
  • Stay with it for two minutes -don’t do anything but breathe

You just opened the door to your inner body wisdom.  Do this daily for three weeks and see see the results.

|If you are now thinking it can’t be that easy, you are in the majority.  Most of us are taught in school and by our families that life is hard work, that learning is tough, that we never really change.  But the deepest truth is that by stopping, by pausing in our daily lives and going deep inside, we discover the hidden wisdom within us. After all, as you will now discover  

Wisdom just lies there  quietly waiting to be rediscovered.