Take back the territory of your soul

When stuck breathe, when fallen rise.

Your body is a vehicle for the truth and the passion of your soul.  Notice today, whether your body lives in the comfort zone, or maybe not.  Do not be downhearted.  Everything can and does change. Even change itself changes in time.
Try breathing into your body, focusing on the place that most draws your attention.  Breathe deeply in through the nose and then send that breath into your body, feeling it take on a life of its own as it sends the power of transformation into the hurt parts, the sore parts, the lost and lonely spaces of your felt being.
Sometimes the fast you need is a fasting from the negative and passionless thoughts about yourself and your body.  Fast from the old patterns that drag you down.  Fast from the reflections of others that are not true to yourself.  Fast from the family patterns that you no longer want to own.  And fast from the hatred and anger of the world that surrounds us all too often.
I give you permission to be yourself until the time arrives that you can own that power for yourself.

Please accept full responsibility for your health and healing and get medical advice when necessary.