Do you ‘Yoyo’?

Are you caught in the cycle of over focusing on your goals and then feeling hopeless about achieving them? Here’s a few tips to help you find that balance that allows progress and celebration to be tempered with realistic goals and self-awareness.

  • Start your day with quiet time, even though your inner dialogue is right there in your ear, feeding you with things to do.  Five minutes every day sitting with that inner dialogue eventually quietens it and you will access the deeper wisdom that lies beneath the mind.
  •  Know that the energy you perform your daily tasks in is more important that the tasks themselves.  Your ego will not like this one bit.  This is why in the ancient teachings it did not matter if you were a king or a street sweeper so long as you engaged with your deeper knowing in your daily tasks.
  • Practice being self aware.  Self awareness is not selfish and egotistical, it is the exact opposite.  It is taking a breath, one easy breath, to notice how you feel and to be aware of your body and its presence in space.  The ego contracts us and our world, makes us lose focus and the broader picture.  Being self aware allows us to expand and feel more spacious and compassionate.

Can you see it now?  That yoyo was your mind, lifting you up and dumping you back down again.  How thankful we can be that beyond mind we are the eternal peace of all beings in all worlds.  Please share if this was helpful to you and leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

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