We are all agents of change

Take hope – you are changing as we speak!

How is it some words penetrate so deeply into our consciousness the person could be there with us, in the room?  This is how ideas transfer themselves and movements start and books are written. We get inspired – we literally breathe  change into our systems.

Love is inspiration arising.  Look for love in your small ways, in the little days, in the quiet moments of your lifetime.  Take today and find love in it.  Have a look in the dusty corners and realise that everything is changing anyway.  There is no time like the present!

Repeat frequently during the day.  Repeat until you find some  inspiration and enjoyable challenge in these words:

  • I Love change, I love change, I love change
  • I am an agent for good in this world
  • Changing day by day I learn to act for the highest good
  • Nothing lasts for ever and that includes me