When life is relentless

Take a break from thinking.

Have you tried that already but it didn’t work? And anyway, why would it help in my situation? Perhaps there is not one moment in the day when you are alone and then all you want to do is sleep? (mums, I salute you and I know what that is like).

So here is a way to stop those thoughts and restore your energy reserves (yes, continual thoughts and an ever present inner dialogue are very exhausting)

  • Begin right now with a deep breath.  Don’t rush it. Take it slowly.  Now thank your body for breathing you alive every day.
  • Now do this while you load the washing machine/wash up/check your emails
  • Breathe consciously ten times a day for the next seven days and make a note of when you did it. (A mental note is good, a written diary sheet of conscious breaths is even better)
  • WATCH OUT  for these results – less anxiety about your future and your family, more energy when you wake up, less thoughts chasing in your head, a strange calmness in difficult situations.

Why do we experience such profound changes when we pause in our daily routine and do something so utterly simple as just take a conscious breath?

  • we break the habits of a lifetime
  • we gain conscious control over our reactions to outer situations even if we cannot change the situations themselves
  • we recover quickly when we ‘lose it’ and get angry or upset
  • we experience Presence – the experience of being in a greater power than our little selves which is the foundation of all human life

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