Good Morning Wales!

How do you greet your day?  

It just so happens that I live in the magic of Wales (or Cymru which is its correct name in Welsh). But wherever you live and how ever life is treating you, how you greet the day can radically change the way you see your world.

Maybe that inner dialogue just takes over from yesterday. When that happens the moment of magic every morning is stolen by our habit of letting the mind rule us.  Sometimes words just don’t come – it is more of a grunt!  I have been there.  Tiredness and a lack of doing what you love in life is a real deadener of the spirit within and that can begin the very moment you wake up.

So here are my tips for recovering your joy in life and regaining respect for yourself.

  • Allow an extra 5 minutes every day to wake up and greet the morning energy.  If you have children waking you up, teach them to say thank you and dance a few steps to celebrate the new day.  They will love it!
  • If you are lying there with all the problems of the day rolling past you in your mind, laugh.  Laugh heartily.  The mind cannot stand humour and your thoughts will decrease.  It is your life.  You choose what you focus on and what you don’t.
  • As you sit up and engage with the day, open your arms wide and breathe deeply.  This is ancient and symbolic behaviour which may earn you a few strange looks! It represents your ability to open to new and exciting things coming into your world.  Did you know that it isn’t ‘out there’ that is the problem?  Out there has no power over you if you are deeply connected to your life force from the start of the day.

Problems arrive and then go.  Days roll by.  All we have is our human consciousness and ability to choose.  So choose to greet your day and let me know how that feels for you.  I love feedback and likes!