It’s not all down to me

You fight, you struggle, you torment yourself and why?

Have you felt the need of a new direction lately?  Are you suffering from boredom fatigue? Do you constantly look at others and wish you had what they have?  Well, good, that shows you are entirely human and not an alien in a film!

Do you argue with yourself and get cross because things don’t go the way you want them to?  Do you ask yourself why, when you work so hard things don’t pan out how you want?  Have you have been taught that it’s all down to us, so if we work hard enough it will all come right?

Life takes hold and we realise that there are other factors at work in the world beyond our human manipulation.  There is a right time and place for things to come to fruition.  Yes, we have to act as best we know how and work can be fulfilling but that is not the whole story.  So what is the missing factor?

The missing factor is our ability to connect profoundly to the source of our creativity and wisdom and listen.  Actions that spring from this daily tuning-in are remarkable.  Beware the friends and colleagues who mark you out alone for your ability to create wealth, health and success. They may not see the work you do on the inside.  Remember  these things are not entirely in our hands.  There is a higher force that acts upon us and the wise person surrenders to this daily, without giving up their work and creative pursuits.

When the time is right, and that is now, you will discover ideas and teachings that reach beyond the mind and into the heart of your being and you will find a new path.  How can I possibly know this?  Because it happened to me.  And because it is the purpose of human life to reconnect consciously to our creative source of being. 

Take heart.  You have read this far in a long blog post.  That is very encouraging.  Something in you yearns for this unknown source of your being and it is here, now, in this very moment of reading. Once your business, your life problems are sourced in the daily connection to the profound power of your own being you will find a new sense of purpose in life. It is also in the hands of the higher power when this moment of revelation arrives, but arrive it will!