Awareness is the key to change for you

Pause, breathe, become very aware of the habit itself

I trained for a while in Alexander Technique looking at habits of posture that are so ingrained we can’t detect them ourselves. And what was Alexander saying? Pause, breathe, become very aware and the habit itself will change.Awareness is the key to changing habits. I prefer to talk about habits evolving.

Eckhart Tolle is also very interesting on this subject. He mentions the will power most of us think we need to diet, work harder etc and how this will power is ego based and will eventually fail us. Very interesting eh? So all this business of trying harder and head down, concentrate that we are taught at school could be counter productive if that is all we do.

The secret is to pause and breathe when you notice an unhelpful habit (like putting off writing or editing) Then spend a moment or two noticing how you feel, in the body not in your head! Be kind. Be aware. Have humour about your habit. Now it is going to change. The ego cannot resist humour and awareness and nor can our habits.

PS  we also have very good and necessary habits. Think how long it would take us to get out of bed if we had to tell each muscle when to move. Our wise bodies also have habits that help us through our days.