How Kind Are You?

It is wise to be kind!

So let’s start now.

Take this moment to whisper to yourself  ‘it’s ok to be kind to me, whatever is happening in my life’.

Feel the kindness inside of you that is there to help you in your challenges today.  Did you know that if you physically feel the kindness inside of you each day you are 95% more likely to be kind to those you love?  Only kidding, I made that up, but it works for me.

Put your hand on your heart and breathe into it.  Feel it beating inside you.  Yes, that is your very own and unique heart in there.  We hardly ever think about the inside world of our physical existence or how it can help us. But being in touch with that hidden world can help us feel more connected and therefore more compassionate. 

Please try it and let me know if it works for you, and leave me a comment and share this post.  Thanks.  Have a very kind day.