Are you in your Comfort Zone?

Comfort zones are fine and wonderful things but…

Take a look at your life right now.  Are you a go-getter living on the edge or, like most of us, do you have a fairly humdrum life sprinkled with occasional highlights?

Just knowing when I am in my comfort zone and cruising is very helpful to me.  Take the time now to assess your day.  Comfort zones run mainly on habit, feel comfortable, don’t take too much energy and help us through the chores of the day.  Challenging ourselves can feel uncomfortable, edgy and emotionally draining.  All our survival instincts tell us to just get through without asking if what we are doing is helping us live our truth.

What is the Growth Edge? – that little ledge of being where we feel truly alive, challenging our daily lives, risking to live the dream, facing our negative habits, seeing what is holding us back and getting the help we need.

Take time today to assess where you are in your life and in your dreams of what could be.  You can go there.  You were meant to.