Being present boosts your power

3 ways to increase your energy day by day

Everyone is talking about mindfulness and being present these days so here are some top tips from my box of tricks that will help you understand and gain an experience of being present in the here and now so you can release unlimited energy into your life when you need it.

1 Use your smart phone to remind you to take three deep breaths. Just put a daily repeat note into your diary with a big smiley icon.  Why the icon?  Because laughter and humour are great ways to overcome the ego which wants you to think about the past and worry about the future.  It hates humour.  Humour is known as the ‘ego override’ in my business (being a teacher of things spiritual and mystical). Conscious breathing is free, easy and incredibly powerful.  Try it today. Do three deep breaths every hour and write down how you feel afterwards.

2 Don’t just sit there feeling tired. Your essential daily energy is endless.  If you suffer from tiredness that is not to do with physical activity, it is likely to be down to a lack of Presence in your life.  Presence is the power of being focused gently on what is going on right now.  Include in a sense of your body (body awareness) and a feeling that you are not alone.  Spooky?  Not at all. It is simply your expanded awareness of the WHOLE of you which you normally miss because all your energy is focused outwards. So take time everyday to reconnect to your wider self.  Stretch, meditate, breathe and laugh.  All of these will draw on your amazing resources of energy.  So next time you feel tired and need energy you know what to do!

3  Go to bed an hour earlier every night for a week.  Yes, I know there are a million reasons why you can’t do this but just for the sake of argument, how do you think it would help you?  Are you sleep deprived?  Do you normally wake up refreshed and ready to go?  I think I can hear you all saying a loud ‘I wish’ so let’s do something about it.  Just for seven nights use your smart phone, put in an alarm for one hour earlier, then tell your flatmates, family, children, whoever, that you are doing an experiment for sleep research.  Well, you are, because I want to hear back from you so I know if this is working for you or not.  Try it and see.  Notice the resistance to doing it.  Write a diary and note down how you felt.  After a week let me know how it went for you.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.  Read her book on Innerbody Wisdom available on Amazon.