I need to get out more!

Are you a fresh air fiend or a sofa surfer?

(I love feedback.  You are my teachers.  Share your wisdom with me too. Post a comment below and thank you for being you).

Do you plan to get out and then change your mind?  Let me rephrase that.  Does your mind take you over and tell you no, its too windy now, or cold, or anything else? Headologists are people who listen way too much to their thoughts and act on them.  They don’t trust feelings and intuition and woo woo things like that.  No no.  The mind and logic rule.

Get some air.  Just open a window and breathe. Even better get out of that door and walk a little way.This advice is for the sofa surfer and the headologists among you who find they think way too much.  You are probably a worrier too.

The point is that your mind and logic alone are poor friends in a lonely world.  So how do you reconnect to your felt self, the one that wants to go for a walk whatever the weather, the child within who plays and has fun?

 First notice the thoughts in your mind.  Divide them into a) helpful b) useful but don’t need to think about it right now and c) rubbish chit chat.  Then take a walk outside.  Watch for things around you.  Notice the people.  Notice the sky and the road or path you are walking on.  Keep noticing until a stray thought intrudes.  Ask yourself is it an a) b) or c) thought?  Carry on walking.  Breathe a bit deeper.  Feel your toes inside your shoes.  Notice the air on your cheeks.  Notice the next thought to intrude and so on.

When you get back home notice how you feel now.  Pay attention to your emotions, your energy levels and your mood.  Go for a walk every day for seven days and you will see a remarkable difference in your mind chatter and your intuition.  Then let me know how that felt.  I love feedback.  You are my teachers too.  Share your wisdom with me too.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.  Read her book on Innerbody Wisdom available on Amazon – click on the link below