The End of Times

As we head for remarkable changes in this beautiful world of ours, be of good heart.

You ask me ‘What can I do?’. The world is falling apart, my world is falling apart.

Know this.  It is the end of times.  Change is inevitable.  You cannot solve your problems by working solely in the outer, material world, even though that is where you experience the problems.   At this time, seek to connect with your inner world.  Do this by stopping reading right now.  Breathe and close your eyes.  Now imagine there is a Higher Power.  Perhaps you already know this but are not connecting daily.  Say ‘I am here.  Show me what I must do.’

Do this daily or at any time your thoughts turn to the problems in your world.  Do not handle this alone.  Get the help you need from that source of incredible power that is the light of our being, call it what you will.

Be of good heart.  Other worlds will and do manifest.  Death is not the end of us, it is the end of this lifetime.

Frances Lockstone is an author and artist. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience. To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –