Let go of the Grouch in you

How do I swop a negative mind for something better?

Try this:  when you wake up in the morning and your mind starts up, buzz whirr clank, notice what Grouch is saying to you.  Grouch is the habitual mind that just chuggs along in the background.  Watch out because this habitual mind is controlling important life decisions more than you know!

Ok we got that.  We all live by habit and some habits help and some hinder.  So how do I let go of Grouch and why is it important for me?

Unless we notice we have no choice over the habits that rule us.  Mind likes to recreate past events even when they are bad.  Mind does not like creativity and change and risk.  It wants you to do the same things even when you know they are harming you and the world around you.  The secret to noticing is to slow down from time to time and breathe deeply.  This may feel uncomfortable and mind will send you a message that its all rubbish and just to get on because you have so much to do.  Mind likes to keep us busy so we don’t notice it is in control.

Why does it feel uncomfortable when I stop my busy day and try to focus inwards?  Why is reconnecting to my real self so hard?

Because the mind is a constructed self, a false self that we think is us.  Mind wants to be in control, to control everything in fact.  So if you have a controlling personality it is not really you, it is the mind inside you that you think is you.  When you step back from the controlling mind for a few minutes it feels edgy and odd to begin with.  This is the mind sending you messages to get you hooked back in to the false self.  Ignore them.  Keep breathing gently.  Notice how your body feels because when you are focused on your body the mind cannot be in control and you get a gateway into your real, profound, creative self.  And that is life affirming, brimming with wisdom, full of the incredible light beyond knowing.  That is the real you, not the Grouch.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience.  To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –