Of course you are afraid!

What can I do?

Just by accepting we are human and vulnerable will help.  Take a deep breath and say ‘it’s OK, I can deal with this.’

We are human and vulnerable and very much alive.  But we are more than that.  We are divine beings of light and humour and wisdom.

There is a reason why the word HUMAN and HUMOUR are so close – because we need humour to lighten our burdens, to remind us of who we really are.  When we lose our sense of humour we are unable to access the profound inner wisdom of our deepest selves.  That place of wisdom, deep within us, can be accessed through laughter and breathing, through movement and voice.

Get up, stretch, look out of the window.  Smile (even if it through gritted teeth) and agree that you will find a way through.  If the situation demands help, get it.  Act today to right the wrongs in your life  Even sitting down and writing it down in a notebook can relieve the pressures. Inactivity and the feeling of being stuck often go together.  Spend a little more time in your inner world of dream, vision, fantasy.  Maybe you just forgot who you really are?  Don’t rely on others to validate your ‘good’ – validate it for yourself everyday.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.  To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –