Peace arises when we stop thinking

Give your mind a rest this Easter

How to do this when our minds are so active?  It all sounds such a good idea and I would love to experience more peace and contentment, says one of my clients yesterday.  How can I achieve this?  How come you are so chilled?

What I am going to share with you is very easy to do.  It is a natural function of all humans.  We are born with this capacity.

To experience peace inside at a deep level of being, focus your attention on your body for three breaths.  Notice your mind trying like mad to think, to restore its command over you.   Minds are needy.  They get cross like a two year old if you don’t pay them attention. But like a small child, minds operate best in clear boundaries with constant repetition of those boundaries.

Do this at odd moments, in a queue, when washing up, when getting into the car.  Don’t think about it, just take three breaths and smile into your feet, your hands, your back, your belly.  Try it now.  Now is the time to do this.  Not tomorrow, not in an hour. Now.

Once you re-establish the habit of body awareness you will experience more peace in your life.  Body awareness and thinking are not mutually exclusive, as the experts among you know.  You can reach a state of body awareness where thinking is possible but does not take over the whole show and obliterate the sense of profound inner peace.  Notice how the quality of your thinking then supports good decisions, wise actions and a kind heart.


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