I can’t stop thinking – it’s driving me mad

The biggest disease on this planet is overthinking

Let’s imagine you are sitting in bed having woken up.  You don’t feel rested or even happy.  Your mind has started up already with its endless thoughts.  But something in you knows this and is watching helplessly from the sidelines.  What to do?

That something is the real you, the wise observer that lies quietly behind everything you know yourself to be.  It is not helpless – that is just the message your mind is sending you.  So how to cure yourself of this dis-ease of the mind?  Take a moment now.  Switch your awareness away from this blogpost.  Put it instead on your breathing.  Yes, you know all this stuff already, but are you activating it in a dynamic and healing way?

Many of us know about watching the breath but how many of us do it during the day?

Here is my tip – imagine your breath is your friend and you want to say hello to your friend regularly.  Your friend is your support and your lifeline and literally, your very life itself.  You remember to breath knowingly and soon you are doing it without needing to place all your attention on it.  You begin to breathe consciously throughout the day and it warms and illuminates you.  Your mind starts to slow down.  It just can’t compete with your friendly breath.  It may try to hook you into your doubts, fears and guilt but when you notice that happening go to your breath and feel the warmth and comfort that lies there for you.

And what of the mind then?   It becomes a helpful servant, available to make lists and solve problems, but it no longer dominates.  The lack of ease experienced by most people, that can result in illness, is down to the epidemic of overthinking that has developed into the madness of our world today.

Choose not to be a part of  it.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of sharing Innerbody Wisdom.

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