How to avoid unnecessary dramas

Be the watcher in your life

Having a few too many dramas lately?  Wondering who to blame and how to get back a sense of balance and sanity?

Take a moment and sit with your hands resting on your lap.  What I am going to tell you will reduce your life dramas significantly.

The dramas we create each day come from our ego self – the bit of me and you that thinks the world is a tough and ugly place full of difficult people.  Ego thinks in terms of threat, competition, crisis, manipulation and winning at all costs.

How you change that drama inducing scenario is by becoming the Watcher of your mind and ego activity.  You begin by sitting quietly for five minutes a day and observing the thoughts in your mind as they pass through.  That shows you the program Ego is currently running as a background app to your life.  It is powerful.  It is subversive.  It will run your life if you let it.  Don’t.

Instead take the training course that means you become the Watcher in your life.  Five minutes a day is a small price to pay to regain control over the dramas.  They simply slow down and then stop once you take the immense step of observing your thoughts and daily actions.  And if the dramas continue?

Bless them.  They are the clearest message you will ever have that you are an unconscious human being.  All of humanity is on a pathway to consciousness.  That is our evolutionary pattern.  Your choice to wake up and be a conscious being – is it going to be now or later?

If you chose later as your option your ego made that choice.  The ego imagines we have a future.  It depends on it.  In reality we have this moment and this moment alone to be the consciousness that is love without end.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of sharing Innerbody Wisdom.

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