When it hurts, choose to be present

It can get messy, life!

We want to be happy.  That is pretty well it.  Life, of course, presents us with many unhappy circumstances.  How do we set about dealing with these challenges?

1 Scream and shout and blame someone else

2 Grumble that you shouldn’t have to deal with this.  Also called the ‘Why me syndrome’

3 Give up and get depressed

You and I have already repeated 1-3 many times.   Let’s try something else, shall we?

Notice the patterns.  When 1-3 occur again, write down what you experience.  Don’t get hard on yourself.  Punishments tend to worsen the crime not make it go away.

Today begin the new reaction.  Begin to notice and be very present with your behaviour.  Be curious about it.  Don’t dismiss or hide it.  True change begins with awareness.  Seek professional help if you need it.  Talk to others who are experienced in this area.  Read the books.  Your life, your precious being, are your true work this lifetime.


Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.

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