Say No Today if it isn’t working for you

Speak up or remove yourself from the situation

When life gets tough you have a choice – surrender and accept how it is on the inside and then work to put things right as best you can.  Or surrender to the fact that it just isn’t working or it’s plain wrong and remove yourself from the situation.

Both scenarios require surrender on the inside.  Surrender means accepting things as they are and taking responsibility for your part in this.  Do not confuse this with surrendering to someone or a situation out of weakness.  Battle can be done in a state of inner surrender but it will feel completely different because you will feel a strong sense of self or presence or connectedness that makes it the right thing for you to do.

When we are connected to our deep inner self – the innerbody wisdom I speak about often – we experience presence, or a Presence, or a deep sense of being powerfully here and now.  We can cultivate that level of being within ourselves and it will change the outer world that we experience in very interesting ways.  Begin the day with a moment of intense quietness.  Invite your body to surrender any tension or inner conflict for that moment.  Notice how your body reacts to this gentle invitation.  Do this every day and then start to do it during the day at odd moments.  You are reversing generations of human distress and fear by allowing yourself to surrender your own tensions for a moment or two.  What we do for ourselves we also do for others.  Recognise this is a time of importance for the future of the human race and commit to your own process  of inner surrender.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of sharing Innerbody Wisdom.

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