Third party Insurance – emotional rescues

Does it work when you try to sort others out?

I get people who try to refer their partners to me for a session – and it very rarely works out.  Or they want their grown up children to get help.  Or it’s their parent or friend.  I love a referral but I need to speak directly to the person concerned – not via a third party.

When you notice yourself trying to sort out other people’s problems, stop and ask yourself:  Is this person an adult?  Are they physically and mentally able to communicate themselves?

Hard though it may be to step back, it is often the most powerful thing to do (emergencies excepted of course).  By suggesting a course of action we show concern.  But if we try to ‘organise’ a course of action for someone else it often fails because it is not empowering for them.  They may feel like you know the answers and they don’t.  So step back.  Let them come to you for advice by all means and share your opinions wisely.  Then take a deep breath and climb back into your own energy, your own power and sense of self.  This offers the other person a space to breathe themselves.

The most powerful and healing tool in the work I do is the power of my own Presence (my achingly alive awareness of the present moment and of the profound inner self who speaks through me at these times).  Cultivate your own sense of Presence.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.

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