Make me a happy person

Taking responsibility for our own happiness in a troubled world.

What a revelation when I read somewhere that unhappiness is caused by how I think about what has happened to me and not just the event or person.  For indeed, these are now in the past and are memories.  The only thing I have any choice in right now is how I choose to think about it.

But do I truly have a choice over how and when I think?

Yes, but only if I meditate quietly every day for ten minutes and watch the thoughts in my mind.  And then continue to notice throughout the day.  I do this in the spirit of cheerful observation.  Aha, I say, there goes another stray thought.

Simple observation with  a cheerful outlook can seriously reduce the troubling thoughts in our heads!  This in turn develops a sense of calm.  Multitasking and too many distractions do the opposite.  So time everyday to reduce the inner dialogue will up your happiness levels.

Frances Lockstone is an author, healer and coach