Don’t give up yet!

When life bothers you and you get stirred up, breathe out loudly.  Do it now – let that inner tension release outwards.

It’s not much fun when life gets in a tangle.  If its not in a tangle now, well, it probably will be.  So developing Presence so that is our default setting is the answer.

Now, there are a million ways to be in Presence so I don’t claim to know them all.  But here are some tips.

Go somewhere quiet – take a break

Breathe a conscious breath inwards. Direct it down into the pit of your stomach.

Now breathe out forcibly and make a noise if  you can

As the breath leaves your body there is a gap, a moment, a pause in your own internal universe.  Be there with that emptiness inside yourself.  It is the safe space your ego does not want you to find.  It is a place of no thought and deep connection to your body and the vast universe beyond time where our true being originates.  When you recover this sense of being you have experienced Presence.

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