Be in the Zone today

Observe yourself today!

Be the observer of your thoughts and the incessant chatter of your mind.

Observe your emotions. These are your thoughts made into felt sensations by the body.

Breathe and ask yourself ‘How do I feel right now?’

By going inwards beyond the surface distractions of your external life you can sink deep into the core of your being – your inner body has wisdom.

Do this several times a day – choose those ‘odd’ moments when nothing much is going on and you can withdraw your energy into yourself and be deeply observant.

Pain underlies so much of our difficulties in life. We search the surface of our world for love and relief and happiness only to find these are fleeting moments soon gone. Only below the surface of our external, habitual experience of life can we find transformation, inspiration and profound creativity. How do you know you are living on the surface? You spend a great deal of time planning and imagining how much better the future will be. You live for tomorrow – the next plan, the next success, the dreams you hope to achieve Stop. Realise that tomorrow never comes, and if it does it will not be as you expected. Take back your power and imagination and reinvest it in the present moment. Observe. Breathe. Smile and do not judge.