Making good use of the downtime in life

Today is bootcamp day – all over the world. Choose to take the challenge of Covid 19 and set aside time for meditation, creative pursuits and breathing. None of us is perfect or perfectly loved but that need not stop us from connecting to a highter power and invoking the profound healing energies that are always available to us. Sit quietly, feet on the ground. Take a deep breath and feel your feet. Relax your hands and arms. |Be open to going deeper into the energy of who you truly are.

Now focus on your hands and smile. Right now, there are no problems. In this moment you are connected to your highest self, your greatest good. Be there with yourself for a few minutes throughtout the day. Blessings and love to us all.

Be in the Zone today

Observe yourself today!

Be the observer of your thoughts and the incessant chatter of your mind.

Observe your emotions. These are your thoughts made into felt sensations by the body.

Breathe and ask yourself ‘How do I feel right now?’

By going inwards beyond the surface distractions of your external life you can sink deep into the core of your being – your inner body has wisdom.

Do this several times a day – choose those ‘odd’ moments when nothing much is going on and you can withdraw your energy into yourself and be deeply observant.

Pain underlies so much of our difficulties in life. We search the surface of our world for love and relief and happiness only to find these are fleeting moments soon gone. Only below the surface of our external, habitual experience of life can we find transformation, inspiration and profound creativity. How do you know you are living on the surface? You spend a great deal of time planning and imagining how much better the future will be. You live for tomorrow – the next plan, the next success, the dreams you hope to achieve Stop. Realise that tomorrow never comes, and if it does it will not be as you expected. Take back your power and imagination and reinvest it in the present moment. Observe. Breathe. Smile and do not judge.

Being well

One deep breath and focus your awareness inwards. This will connect you to the inner well of your being from whence springs peace. Make it a habit to do this daily on several occasions. Breathe out and connect to the felt outer world but do not lose that inner connection. Without thought, but with great awareness and feeling, you can now experience your inner and outer worlds. Balance in life comes from a regular felt connection to both worlds.

Take your time

Take time to lie back and just be. This is the New Year and it’s an opportunity to reach out of the mind and into the inner worlds of your infinite being..

To be alone with your Real Self is a blessing. We miss that blessing if we let our thoughts take control. Thinking takes us away from the NOW unless you are there with your thoughts!

So watch your thoughts and select the useful ones. Pop the other ones in the infinity of nothingness that is around and within us at all times. To not be aware of the inner dialogue is a kind of madness of humanity. Don’t try to stop thoughts. Just acknowledge them and smile. That is enough.

What is your Inner Body?

How to connect to your inner body and why it’s important

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Why is it so important to be in touch with this ability to sense your inner body? Because we, as a human race, have overdeveloped our thinking, knowing abilities to the point where many have lost the natural ability to ‘sense’ and experience the unseen world inside themselves.  Many of those who come for a session with me are experiencing a lack of awareness of themselves due to compulsive thinking.

Eckhart Tolle talks about it – this mysterious inner body that I get asked about alot during sessions.  Let’s take the mystery out of it right away -‘inner’ and ‘body’ are just two words that try to explain the experience of feeling and knowing where your body is in space.

Take your hand out in front of  you.  You can see it so you ‘know’ it’s there.  Now close your eyes.  You can’t see it anymore but you now have a ‘sense’ of it being there. Sensing and knowing are two different ways human beings experience themselves and the outside world.

Take 5 minutes every day to sit or lie comfortably with your eyes closed and notice how your body feels

  • breath two conscious breaths and imagine them going all the way into your arms and legs as if your lungs extended across your whole body
  • smile and let go of any thoughts that come up by sending your attention to a part of your body that feels quiet or numb or simple ‘not there’

You will be amazed at how quickly you regain this wonderful sense of your living, breathing inner body and how it improves your sense of well being and balance.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience.  To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –



Don’t give up yet!

When life bothers you and you get stirred up, breathe out loudly.  Do it now – let that inner tension release outwards.

It’s not much fun when life gets in a tangle.  If its not in a tangle now, well, it probably will be.  So developing Presence so that is our default setting is the answer.

Now, there are a million ways to be in Presence so I don’t claim to know them all.  But here are some tips.

Go somewhere quiet – take a break

Breathe a conscious breath inwards. Direct it down into the pit of your stomach.

Now breathe out forcibly and make a noise if  you can

As the breath leaves your body there is a gap, a moment, a pause in your own internal universe.  Be there with that emptiness inside yourself.  It is the safe space your ego does not want you to find.  It is a place of no thought and deep connection to your body and the vast universe beyond time where our true being originates.  When you recover this sense of being you have experienced Presence.

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Today? don’t take it personally

Life happens.

Most of us live our lives from habits we formed in childhood.  We don’t even know we have them most of the time.  Its only when those habits no longer serve us that we question why we do the things we do.  We respond on automatic, live our lives in a daze of activity and rarely step outside the habits we have formed.  Don’t let that person be you today.

By taking ten minutes every day to focus inwards you can immediately reverse a life time of habit.  When you see the rewards of observing yourself kindly and with love, you will return to your daily dose of calm with great enthusiasm.

If you find yourself asking WHY is this happening to me, know that your moment of awakening has arrived.  You are being given the gift of self awareness – the possibility to transcend your habits and live from the core of your being.  Life challenges us just for this reason – to give us the gift of awakening from the dream of who we think we are.  No amount of reading books or studying ideas or following others will help us.  They are the pointers for us to go inside and experience the deep inner wisdom that is our source.  They are a help but they are  not the experience itself.  Go beyond them.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.

To book a  coaching session  on Skype email her:

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