About Innerbody Wisdom and how it can help


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  • When we connect to our bodies and feel our feelings we naturally come out of our heads.  We find the inner connection that empowers us to live our lives to the full
  • Do your thoughts take you over?  Watch the video above for some tips on how to calm that inner dialogue.  Doing this gives you the space to find your true path in life.
  • Commit to your creativity – write a daily sentence about your life and your will connect to that inner body wisdom that is just waiting to be discovered

Frances Lockstone is an experienced teacher and healer.  Read her book ‘Innerbody Wisdom’ for a frank and amazing account of her life by clicking on the link below




Sessions available are
Option1 £25.00 GBP
Option 2 £50.00 GBP
Option 3 £75.00 GBP