Awareness is the key to changing bad habits

Why are bad habits so ingrained we have trouble changing them?

I spent two years studying the Alexander Technique which has some interesting things to say about habits of mind and posture. What did Alexander discover? That we rarely see our own habits and when we do we find it hard to change.  He investigated this and found that noticing what was going on is key to allowing change to happen.

Pause, breathe, become very aware and the habit itself will change.

So Awareness is a key to changing habits. I prefer to talk about habits evolving. Eckhart Tolle is also very interesting on this subject. He mentions the will power most of us think we need to diet, work harder etc and how this will power is ego based and will eventually fail us. Very interesting eh? So all this business of trying harder and head down, concentrate that we are taught at school could be counter productive if that is all we do. My mantra is to pause and breathe when I notice an unhelpful habit (like putting off writing or editing!) Then spend a moment or two noticing how you feel, in the body not in your head! Be kind. Be aware. Have humour about your habit. Now it is going to change. The ego cannot resist humour and awareness and nor can our habits.

PS incidentally we also have very good and necessary habits. Think how long it would take us to get out of bed if we had to tell each muscle when to move. But we don’t have to, our wise bodies have habits that help us through our days.


Rock on Life, I love you…

Yup – we are all in this together.

All teachers, all students of the infinite one and defo all allowed to wander along many and differing paths to enlightenment. Good. I like that. There is humour and humanity here. There is loss, grief, forgetfulness and recovery. Perhaps over many lifetimes. 

Becoming aware of the light beyond being, the nature of this awakening, is a thing beyond us and in the hands of of our higher selves. How wonderful. Because at some point we espouse our higher selves and the divine marriage is made.

 Rock on life, I love you.

Can you do ‘Happy’?

Yes, you most certainly can but it may take a while to realise how.  Would you like a shot at it right now?  Why not, after all now is all you ever have.  Here is  my pathway to happy (please like,comment and share if this was helpful to you. thank you.)

H – breathe and say  ‘I am here for myself’

 A – ask myself how I feel and take a moment to breathe into my body

P – say  ‘I have the power to change my thoughts’  (say it three times and smile)

P – know the past is over and agree to let that be so

Y – yield to the moment, do not fight it, rest in the calmness of now

Use this happy poem to reclaim your balance every day.

Now notice if you feel ‘happy’ (it has a thousand meanings so go with what comes up).