When life is relentless

Take a break from thinking.

Have you tried that already but it didn’t work? And anyway, why would it help in my situation? Perhaps there is not one moment in the day when you are alone and then all you want to do is sleep? (mums, I salute you and I know what that is like).

So here is a way to stop those thoughts and restore your energy reserves (yes, continual thoughts and an ever present inner dialogue are very exhausting)

  • Begin right now with a deep breath.  Don’t rush it. Take it slowly.  Now thank your body for breathing you alive every day.
  • Now do this while you load the washing machine/wash up/check your emails
  • Breathe consciously ten times a day for the next seven days and make a note of when you did it. (A mental note is good, a written diary sheet of conscious breaths is even better)
  • WATCH OUT  for these results – less anxiety about your future and your family, more energy when you wake up, less thoughts chasing in your head, a strange calmness in difficult situations.

Why do we experience such profound changes when we pause in our daily routine and do something so utterly simple as just take a conscious breath?

  • we break the habits of a lifetime
  • we gain conscious control over our reactions to outer situations even if we cannot change the situations themselves
  • we recover quickly when we ‘lose it’ and get angry or upset
  • we experience Presence – the experience of being in a greater power than our little selves which is the foundation of all human life

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Do you ‘Yoyo’?

Are you caught in the cycle of over focusing on your goals and then feeling hopeless about achieving them? Here’s a few tips to help you find that balance that allows progress and celebration to be tempered with realistic goals and self-awareness.

  • Start your day with quiet time, even though your inner dialogue is right there in your ear, feeding you with things to do.  Five minutes every day sitting with that inner dialogue eventually quietens it and you will access the deeper wisdom that lies beneath the mind.
  •  Know that the energy you perform your daily tasks in is more important that the tasks themselves.  Your ego will not like this one bit.  This is why in the ancient teachings it did not matter if you were a king or a street sweeper so long as you engaged with your deeper knowing in your daily tasks.
  • Practice being self aware.  Self awareness is not selfish and egotistical, it is the exact opposite.  It is taking a breath, one easy breath, to notice how you feel and to be aware of your body and its presence in space.  The ego contracts us and our world, makes us lose focus and the broader picture.  Being self aware allows us to expand and feel more spacious and compassionate.

Can you see it now?  That yoyo was your mind, lifting you up and dumping you back down again.  How thankful we can be that beyond mind we are the eternal peace of all beings in all worlds.  Please share if this was helpful to you and leave me a comment below if you have any questions.

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Do the problems go away?

I am a great fan of Being Present with my Problems – that is the mantra I hum. Whatever the block or the hold up or the lack, I breathe into my body and pause. All those problems are out there, in that concrete world of materialism most of the time. Or in here, in my mind, thinking about them.

To release myself from the grip of these constructed problems I return to conscious awareness of the Presence. Do the problems go away? Do they heck! But at least I am now aligned with my power and presence and able to respond in a much wiser way, rather than overreacting and responding with negativity.


Awareness is the key to changing bad habits

Why are bad habits so ingrained we have trouble changing them?

I spent two years studying the Alexander Technique which has some interesting things to say about habits of mind and posture. What did Alexander discover? That we rarely see our own habits and when we do we find it hard to change.  He investigated this and found that noticing what was going on is key to allowing change to happen.

Pause, breathe, become very aware and the habit itself will change.

So Awareness is a key to changing habits. I prefer to talk about habits evolving. Eckhart Tolle is also very interesting on this subject. He mentions the will power most of us think we need to diet, work harder etc and how this will power is ego based and will eventually fail us. Very interesting eh? So all this business of trying harder and head down, concentrate that we are taught at school could be counter productive if that is all we do. My mantra is to pause and breathe when I notice an unhelpful habit (like putting off writing or editing!) Then spend a moment or two noticing how you feel, in the body not in your head! Be kind. Be aware. Have humour about your habit. Now it is going to change. The ego cannot resist humour and awareness and nor can our habits.

PS incidentally we also have very good and necessary habits. Think how long it would take us to get out of bed if we had to tell each muscle when to move. But we don’t have to, our wise bodies have habits that help us through our days.


Rock on Life, I love you…

Yup – we are all in this together.

All teachers, all students of the infinite one and defo all allowed to wander along many and differing paths to enlightenment. Good. I like that. There is humour and humanity here. There is loss, grief, forgetfulness and recovery. Perhaps over many lifetimes. 

Becoming aware of the light beyond being, the nature of this awakening, is a thing beyond us and in the hands of of our higher selves. How wonderful. Because at some point we espouse our higher selves and the divine marriage is made.

 Rock on life, I love you.

Why can’t I be wise?

Wisdom just lies there quietly waiting to be rediscovered.

 It exists in all of us.  So how can we encourage ourselves to act more wisely?Why do I act the way I do when I know better? You know how to act with more love and kindness in your life.  You know you can be wise because it happened before.  It just isn’t happening now.  Where has that wisdom gone?

Take a deep breath because you are going to need it.

  • Focus on your solar plexus and feel
  • Stay with it for two minutes -don’t do anything but breathe

You just opened the door to your inner body wisdom.  Do this daily for three weeks and see see the results.

|If you are now thinking it can’t be that easy, you are in the majority.  Most of us are taught in school and by our families that life is hard work, that learning is tough, that we never really change.  But the deepest truth is that by stopping, by pausing in our daily lives and going deep inside, we discover the hidden wisdom within us. After all, as you will now discover  

Wisdom just lies there  quietly waiting to be rediscovered.