The World has Gone Mad

When world events disturb and upset us – what can we do?

The most powerful way to create change is to take your attention inwards. Do this first in your breath. Then scan your body with your mind. Notice how it feels. This creates inner body awareness that opens the gateway to Presence – your conscious connection to the divine source. Once you experience that connection, go deeper. Dive into the Divine and you will find a wordless presence that will do more good in this world of ours than any amount of worrying.

THEN take action – action that springs from your inner wisdom that will be powerful and guided and gut felt. This is the opposite of the reactive response most humans experience that comes from the unconscious mind and is always unhelpful.

Several times a day make it your practice to connect to this inner source of being that we call Presence. Soon Presence will be with you when you wake and will guide our world to healing and peace.

Do you get irritable and annoyed with yourself?

Tough day?  Could be you are suffering from your inner critic.

Just one of those days?  or  a repeating pattern in your life.  It’s just how I am – or could I change this pattern of irritation and annoyance?

Your inner critic is a learned response to stress.  I bet you had a critical mum or dad (and bless them, because they were doing their best and so are you.)

Let’s see if we can work out what the pay off is.  Say to yourself ‘When I criticise myself it …..’  Could be in a strange way it relieves the tension for a moment (but does it create more in the long term?)  Could be it is a habit – something you do as a displacement activity when you can’t grasp a task or haven’t the energy to work out a solution.

Once you realise that this inner critic saps life energy and can become a habit that sends you on a downward spiral you may decide to observe it more closely.  Let it rip – do not try and stop it or it will go underground to emerge even stronger.  Get help from a trained therapist.  Talk to a good and wise friend.  Notice if anyone in your circle of family and friends is also critical of you.  What is inside of us tends to get reflected outside too.  The universe is there to help us see ourselves for the radiant beings of light we truly are.  The inner critic is the voice of ignorance and despair.  Would you want that to continue on and on in your mind space?  No, I thought not.  By observing the inner critic you are stopping sending it unconscious energy.  You are reversing a habit that is unhelpful.  You are gaining self knowledge.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.

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Of course you are afraid!

What can I do?

Just by accepting we are human and vulnerable will help.  Take a deep breath and say ‘it’s OK, I can deal with this.’

We are human and vulnerable and very much alive.  But we are more than that.  We are divine beings of light and humour and wisdom.

There is a reason why the word HUMAN and HUMOUR are so close – because we need humour to lighten our burdens, to remind us of who we really are.  When we lose our sense of humour we are unable to access the profound inner wisdom of our deepest selves.  That place of wisdom, deep within us, can be accessed through laughter and breathing, through movement and voice.

Get up, stretch, look out of the window.  Smile (even if it through gritted teeth) and agree that you will find a way through.  If the situation demands help, get it.  Act today to right the wrongs in your life  Even sitting down and writing it down in a notebook can relieve the pressures. Inactivity and the feeling of being stuck often go together.  Spend a little more time in your inner world of dream, vision, fantasy.  Maybe you just forgot who you really are?  Don’t rely on others to validate your ‘good’ – validate it for yourself everyday.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.  To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –








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Having one of those days?

Reach out to a friend or colleague.

When the going gets tough, which it will at some point, reach out to friends.  Don’t stew in the anxious thoughts and bad memories.  Go slow, take your time.  Life is not a race to be won and you will not lose out by slowing down.  Just try it. That break for a phone call could be the solution.

Human beings have a fabulous ability to understand and be compassionate with each other.  If the people around you are not doing that then move on and find some new friends and colleagues.  Remember to be kind and forgive them when you do move on.  

Are you stuck and feel you can’t move on at the moment?  Then acknowledge this to yourself and write down the reasons why.  Then make a plan of one thing a day you can do to ease the situation while you work out how to let go of the life that does not nourish your soul.  Tell at least one trustworthy friend or colleague how you feel.  Visit your doctor and ask for help.  Finally, close your eyes and ask your guardian angel, the Higher Power (insert your preferred name here) for the life you want. You will be amazed how quickly things can change when you trust the profound inner resources available to every human being.

Frances Lockstone is an author and coach. She  lives and works in Wales, UK and loves to share her years of experience of teaching Innerbody Wisdom.  To read her book on Innerbody Wisdom just click on the link below –




Mis-taking Myself for Someone Else

Do you ever hear yourself say ‘I am so not myself today’?

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That happens when we make mistakes or get it wrong or generally mess up.  The excuse we give ourselves is that the essential ‘me’ has gone walkabout. Nearly everyone I know makes a mistake a minute or something in that order.  The trick is to turn your mistakes into your learning companions.  They are, after all, only actions you and I don’t think are acceptable or don’t measure up to the image we have of ourselves.

Every day write down these embarrassing and awful mistakes in your diary.  You will laugh when you read them back a year later.  Very few mistakes are unredeemable.  You can get ahead of the critical voice in your head by affirming ‘that was a useful experience, and I won’t do that again any day soon’.  Suffer yourself lovingly to take a risk, make a creative leap and generally ‘get it wrong’ from time to time.  You and I learn so much more that way and experience ourselves more fully.  Live on, people, it is all just a big experiment anyway.





Why you always come off worst…

Sometimes we compare ourselves to others.

The reason we always come off worst is this.  If we feel lesser or poorer or sadder in comparison our life energies dwindle fast.  If we feel smug or luckier, or just plain wonderful in comparison, our egos have taken over and our judgement is out the window!

You know me well enough by now.  I only write about what I have experienced in one way or another.  Come on, Frances, I hear you say, we all do that comparison stuff so how do we stop?  How do we get back our energy and compassion and stop behaving like small children who don’t feel loved?

For starters, just notice when we do it.  This is powerful medicine.  We create change in our lives from deep awareness, not wishing things to be different or trying harder or going on courses and reading books.  Those things help, of course, but learning skills needs to be allied with powerful ‘noticing what I am doing’ in order to create lasting changes to age old habits of the personality.  There is no easy fix.


How to Say No When You Need To

When Saying No is Kinder

This week choose one thing you want to say no to and prepare to say NO!

Not all of us are equipped with steely wills and adamantine discipline.  To get through the work of the week we may often need to say no.  Is that a problem for you?  Me to.  It seems so much easier just to give in and agree.  But often that is counter productive and will land us with a load of extra trouble later on.

How do we change this pattern?  We start with ourselves.  Saying no internally at the right moment can be enormously powerful.  It sets us up to know what we want and what we don’t.  The why’s and wherefore’s come later. Just focus on that inner feeling that tells you No is the answer right now.  Or if that moment passes you by, just focus on the moment missed when you wanted to say no to yourself.  Slowing down our responses enables us to gain control over important issues and habits that are not longer serving our goals in life.

Choosing for ourselves and creating clear boundaries is a lifetimes’ work so why not begin now? As you are clear with yourself so you become clear to others.  As you care for and support your own energies so you become able to show others how to do that too.