finding the wisdom with in you finding the wisdom with in you



“Frances has a unique style and wonderful gift of allowing those she works with to experience a deep state of relaxation and calm – almost ‘despite themselves’. She is a wonderful friend and I am so glad to have experienced her work.”

Dr Sangeet Bhullar, Executive Director, WISE KIDS



“Frances has an unique talent of healing and she has been very important to our family over a number of years. I first met her in the early ‘90’s when she gave me lessons in Innerbody Wisdom and the Alexander Technique. Other members of my family have had access to this from Frances, and the work that she does as a healer is particularly beneficial and wonderful. Frances has opened the door to me, personally, to the world of alternative healing. I am really extremely grateful to her for helping me to use my body in the best way as a professional musician. Frances is full of integrity and works in utmost confidentiality with the people whom she helps.”

Elinor Bennett, Harpist


“Innerbody Wisdom is a very useful method for learning relaxation and inner calm.  It has been a big help to me, both as a student and doctor, as it increases mental clarity and memory.

Dr Tom Williams, BSc, MSc, PhD


“I have known Frances professionally and personally for 20 years. During this time I have been more than happy to refer patients to her. Frances has a unique approach to body work, strongly grounded in the Alexander Technique. Her work helps on a physical and an emotional level and is of immense benefit to patients.”

Suzane Upton D.O, D.P.O, Registered Osteopath


“When I first went to see Frances, I was a tense, dissatisfied, unhappy, critical individual who needed help to help herself. Then a friend gave me Frances’ number. Seven months later my body feels like a well oiled machine. My walk is loose, my posture relaxed, I smile and laugh spontaneously. I feel light, buoyant and the world around me is a brighter place. People are telling me how well I look, strangers smile at me (it’s true!). I am aware of my body for the first time ever. Layers of years of tension caused by unhappiness, disappointment, dissatisfaction and other unpleasantness (not to mention one’s work) have been released. They need never return now that Frances is teaching me awareness of my body. At the beginning of the year I was determined to do something about the way that I was. Thank goodness I found Frances who helped me to do just that.”

Gwenllian Daniel, BA Hons (History)

‘Just a while ago I came off a skype session with Frances. I never thought that skype could offer so much immediacy, intimacy and depth of the spiritual and practical healing work I did today with Frances.

Within minutes that we had connected I was able to open up at such a depth that I began to cry out the pain of what I had experienced for many years and…. today was only my first session!

I was able to reveal the pain that was caught in my body and I was able to do the bodywork that my internal world needed in the moment in order to shed the tension I had been holding for many many years.

I felt loved, held and empowered to step into a power I was afraid of knowing that I had. I feel freedom now. I also feel grateful to be living in Italy and be able to connect with Frances in the UK via skype and do such profound transformational work.  Thank you so much Frances for doing such extraordinary work and for bringing to the forefront that warrior inside of me that I only experienced very few times in my life!’

Daniela Mannucci, Italy

“Frances has such great compassion, generosity and humour in her work! She is a teacher that follows her sessions through and is always available with help to her students and friends.I am personally very grateful for her insight and advice which have supported me through dark and difficult times. Frances has the rare gift of being totally and unconditionally engaged in each individual person and this in itself has a huge power of healing.”

Anna Zubrzycki, Actress, Poland